Antivenom Unit

Managing Director: Mrs Megan Saffer

The Antivenom Unit within South African Vaccine Producers, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Health Laboratory Service, is the sole southern African producer of equine antivenoms for the treatment of bites from 11 of the most medically important snakes prevalent in southern and other parts of Africa, as well as for spider bite (latrodectus indistinctus) and scorpion sting (parabuthus transvaalicus).

In addition, the Antivenom Unit supplies normal horse and sheep blood/serum for use in the production of diagnostic media and reagents.

The unit is supported by an up-to-date animal facility, which supplies animals of a defined status and related services, not only within the NHLS but also to outside institutions.

The Quality Control laboratories offer safety testing to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a diagnostic test for diphtheria antibody.

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