CD4 Unit


The Johannesburg CD4 laboratory is one of the busiest NHLS CD4 laboratories in the country, processing thousands of CD4 samples per month alongside other non HIV-related immune deficiency monitoring testing. The unit also supports several clinical trial groups (AACTG/ PACTG/IAVI among others) and collaborates on several international clinical trial studies.

Teaching/educational activities

An additional focus of the unit remains ongoing development and evaluation of panleukogated (PLG) CD4, to improve both within and between laboratory reproducibility of PLG CD4 testing across all NHLS laboratories. Currently the Johannesburg HIV Flow Immunology laboratory supports ~60 NHLS PLG/CD4 laboratories across the NHLS network. The supporting service includes initial instrument implementation and validation, site inspections and audits, dedicated training initiatives on the web as well as workshop-based teaching and ad hoc site training that is needs based. The unit further provides a support/telephonic and e-mail-based helpline service to NHLS laboratories either directly or referred through the CD4 AFREQAS EQA programme. During 2012, as per previous years, four technical PLG CD4 training workshops for laboratory personnel were held.

Head of CD4 laboratory:
Prof Debbie Glencross