Dr Timothy Tucker

Dr Timothy TuckerDr Tim Tucker is senior strategist and Clinician-Scientist in the SA health and Research sectors, with a significant academic and programmatic track record in HIV, hepatitis viruses, vaccines and public health in Africa. He founded his health strategy business in 2005 (>40 public health staff), after career in clinical medicine; research; clinical virology specialization; and leadership of SA’s largest Research and Development program, the SA AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI). He obtained a Ph.D. (University of Cape Town) in molecular virology. He has trained in business strategy (University of Witwatersrand).

“SEAD Consulting” – is a public health consultancy dedicated to improving the health of poor communities, through
a) Technical assistance to facilities;
b) Strategy development; and
c) M&E. SEAD has 30% Black ownership.
He has consistently raised significant funds from local and international sources. He has led the development of critical health strategies and interventions. SEAD is currently a major sub-prime partner in three, 5-year health grants worth approximately R1.5 billion.

He has played leadership roles in vaccine R&D programs. As SAAVI Director he led the consortium to become a leading player in the laboratory development and clinical testing of HIV vaccines globally. SAAVI was the first developing country initiative to research, develop, manufacture, and perform pre-clinical analysis of a novel HIV vaccine.

He is a long standing honorary member of staff at University of Cape Town Medical School. He is a Board member of the SA HIV Clinicians' Society, and a member of the US NIH AIDS Strategy Working Group. He is a member of the SA Institute of Directors.