Vision Mission and Values

Vision of the NHLS

To render efficient patient centred services and become a global centre of excellence for innovative laboratory medicine

Mission of the NHLS

To provide quality, affordable and sustainable health laboratory services through an integrated network of laboratories, the provision of training for health science education and the execution of innovative and relevant research with focus on patient care.



What it means

Care Caring about the environment and society: This involves consideration of our impact on the environment and local communities, acting with concern and sensitivity. The NHLS is committed to behave ethically and contribute to the economic development of the workforce, community and society at large. It is about giving back to society and the environment, as well as capacity building for a sustainable future
Unity of Purpose All working together towards a common goal: All employees should be united by a common vision and support each other in contributing to a beneficial and safe working environment. Teamwork and cohesion are key, and collaboration should include pooling resources and communicating about each other’s roles. Foster trust and honesty in interactions with colleagues and behave professionally. Value all contributions, treat everyone consistently and fairly and capitalise on diverse viewpoints. Address and resolve conflicts effectively. Listen to others to fully understand and give clear, concise information when communicating expectations and accountabilities and providing feedback during coaching. Making NHLS goals a priority, using NHLS resources wisely and effectively and taking responsibility for your work.
Service Excellence Valuing good work ethics and striving towards service excellence for customers: This speaks to being
committed to working with customers and building good relationships with them by understanding their
needs, responding quickly and providing appropriate solutions. We treat them with respect at all times;
we are helpful, courteous, accessible, responsible and knowledgeable in our interactions. We understand
that we have internal and external customers that we provide services and information to. This information
should be presented in a clear and concise form, and the message should be adapted to the audience.
Transformation Looking forward to the future and growing together
Innovation Pioneering relevant research to address health challenges
Integrity Working with integrity, ethics and responsibility

Annual Plan and Strategic Plan